Traditional Asian Perfume Sachet Refills

Traditional Asian Perfume Sachet Refills


Traditional Asian Perfume Sachet Refills
Packing : 3 pcs. per pack
Net weight : 50 g. each
Price : Single Scents 760 - 920 Baht / Blended Scents 920 Baht

Our Traditional Asian Perfume Sachet is made from natural ingredients and pure aromatic oils. It is suitable for the closed and small area e.g. wardrobes, drawers, suitcases, cars, etc. Each sachet lasts up to 2-3 months. Each pack contains 3 pieces of 50-gram refill.

1. The Traditional Asian Perfume Sachet is designed for small and closed area e.g. wardrobes, drawers, suitcases, cars, etc.

2. To make your perfume sachet lasts longer, avoid placing it in the high temperature or windy area.

3. Shake the sachet once in a while to stimulate the diffusion effect.

4. Always hang the sachet in the good ventilation area. Avoid hanging or placing it nearby plastic items or lacquer coated objects as it contains concentrated essential oil that can damage the surface of these items. It is recommended to place it on the glass or ceramic containers.

1. The Traditional Asian Perfume Sachet will slowly diffuse and its scent will fade away towards time.

2. Once we get used to the scent, our sense of scent detection will be less active and not able to smell it as clear as before. Therefore, it is not suggested to use the same scent for a long period of time. If this is the case, try using other scents or stop using your favourite scent for a while.

3. The perfume sachet provides long lasting aroma and can be used for a long time. However, once you are familiar with the sense you may not be able to notice the scent as distinctively as before. Also, the scent of the sachet will decreased towards time but you can still use it in the smaller area. For example, you can still use the old perfume sachet that you use in the car with the drawer.

4. The sachet is not suitable for the broad or opened area. For wide area of coverage, try using aromatic candle, oil burner, or room perfume diffuser instead.

• Single Scents / Price

• Flowers
1. Sumatra Island Frangipani / 900 Baht
2. Northern Indian Jasmine / 900 Baht
3. Tasmanian Lavender / 900 Baht
4. Night Lotus Flower / 900 Baht
5. Mimosa / 890 Baht
6. Chinese Orange Blossom / 900 Baht
7. Moroccan otto of Rose / 900 Baht
8. Winter Wild Rose / 900 Baht
9. Da Nang Garden’s Wrightia/ 890 Baht

• Herbs & Spices
1. Siamese Lemongrass / 890 Baht
2. Peppermint / 760 Baht
3. Chinese Red Tea / 395 Baht
4. Silver Needle White Tea / 900 Baht

• Woods
1. East Indian Sandalwood / 920 Baht

• Etcetera
1. Javanese Vanilla / 900 Baht
2. French Sweet Vanilla / 900 Baht

• Blended Scent
1. Asian Vintage Blossom
Contains : Chinese Orange Blossom, Indian Jasmine, Damask Rose, Clove Buds, Bergamot Peel, Peppermint.