Asian Heritage Handmade Soap

Asian Heritage Handmade Soap


Asian Heritage Handmade Soap
Net Weight : 100 g. / 3.52 oz.
Price : Single Scents 210 Baht / Blended Scents 230 Baht

Have a delightful shower with the beautiful scents of flowers and plants of our Handmade Soaps which are formulated from natural ingredients e.g. Cold Pressed Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and pure Glycerin that help moisturise your skin with antioxidant property.

1. The Asian Heritage Handmade Soap is made after the traditional recipe that has been inherited from the old time. It is made by cold-process to preserve the aromatic essence at its best. Its creamy lather and odoriferous scent envelop your senses and leave you feeling pampered and renewed.

2. This gentle bar soap is perfect for everyday use and suitable for all skin types.

1. The Asian Heritage Handmade Soap is a cold-process soap made from vegetable oil and natural essence; therefore, it should be kept away from heat, sunlight, humidity, and water that will soften the soap and melt it down too early.

2. You can create your own signature scent by using the Asian Heritage Handmade Soap with the Original Moisturizing Shower Gel. Try pumping 2 drops of East Indian Sandalwood shower gel on the Northern Indian Jasmine soap bar for and even more pleasant bathing experience.

3. This product is not suitable for the children under 6 years old as it might cause irritation. It’s recommended to try testing a small dab on the forearm area and leave it for 10-15 minutes to ensure that you are not allergic to the product.

4. To enhance the scent, use the soap with the body lotion of the same scent.

5. Store the product at room temperature, in the high ventilation area, and keep away from heat and sunlight.

• Flowers
1. Sumatra Island Frangipani
2. Northern Indian Jasmine
3. Tasmanian Lavender
4. Mimosa
5. Nectarine Blossom
6. Chinese Orange Blossom
7. Moroccan Otto of Rose
8. Wisteria Blossom

• Herbs & Spices
1. Siamese Lemongrass
2. Peppermint
3. Silver Needle White Tea

• Woods
1. East Indian Sandalwood

• Fruits
1. Egyptian Fig
2. Pomegranate

• Etcetera
1. Green Grass Leaf
2. Moss
3. Hay
4. Tobacco
5. Javanese Vanilla

• Blended Scent

1.1 Joy
Contains : Peppermint, English Lavender, Geranium