Original Moisturizing Hand Wash

Original Moisturizing Hand Wash


Original Moisturizing Hand Wash
Net Weight : 290 ml. / 9.81 fl.oz.
Price : Single Scents 550 Baht, Blended Scents 590 Baht

Perfumer Suggestion :
Siamese Lemongrass + White Grapefruit Peel.
Moroccan Otto of Rose + Northern Indian Jasmine.

This Original Moisturizing Hand Wash is made from natural ingredients such as Aloe vera Extract and pure Glycerin. Enriched with moisturizers and Triclosan anti-bacterial property, it helps reducing irritation while leaving your skin soft, supple, and delicately perfumed.

1. This Original Moisturizing Hand Wash is made from natural ingredients. Gentle and suitable for all skin types, it can be use it as often as desired.

2. This indulgent moisturizing hand wash gently cleanses your hands without drying, leaving them soft, supple and lightly scented.

1. For hygienic reasons, always wash your hands after using the restroom.

2. After washing your hands, dry them with clean cloth and apply some hand cream to nourish your hands.

3. This product is not suitable for the children under 6 years old as it might cause irritation. It is best to do the allergy test by applying a small patch of product on the inner part of the child’s arm before use. If the irritation occurs, wash away the gel with water immediately.

4. Store the product at room temperature in a high ventilation area. Avoid heat and sunlight.

• Single Scents

• Flowers
1. Northern Indian Jasmine
2. Night Lotus Flower
3. Moroccan Otto of Rose

• Herbs & Spices
1. Siamese Lemongrass
2. Silver Needle White Tea

• Fruits
1. White Grapefruit Peel
2. Pomegranate

• Blended Scents
1. Joy
Contains : Peppermint , English Lavender, Geranium.