Original Moisturizing Body Lotion

Original Moisturizing Body Lotion


Original Moisturizing Body Lotion

Net Weight : 340 ml.
Price : Single Scents 890 Baht, Blended Scents 950 Baht

Perfumer Suggestion :
Pomegranate + Silver Needle White Tea for Refreshing.
White Grapefruit + Siamese Lemongrass for Charming.

Original Moisturizing Body Lotion deeply hydrates your skin, leaving it feeling silky soft and smooth. Enriched with silk protein, honey essence, chamomile extract, and vitamin B5, this skin-loving lotion helps replenish and maintain skin's natural moisture barrier to keep skin supple and moisturized.

1. This gentle body lotion is suitable for all skin types.

2. Not only it helps nourish your skin but also provides pleasant scents that can be used in place of perfume.

1. It is best to apply the lotion immediately after the shower while the skin is still moist, so the lotion can easily be absorbed into the skin.

2. You can personalize the scent of body lotion by mixing different scents together e.g. mixing Mimosa lotion with Javanese Vanilla lotion for a romantic night.

3. To enhance the scent, use the the body lotion with the body spray of the same scent.

4. This product is not suitable for the children under 6 years old as it might cause irritation. It is best to do the allergy test by applying a small patch of product on the inner part of the child’s arm before use. If the irritation occurs, wash away the gel with water immediately.

5. Store the product at room temperature in a high ventilation area. Avoid heat and sunlight.

• Single Scents

• Flowers
1. Sumatra Island Frangipani
2. Northern Indian Jasmine
3. Night Lotus Flower
4. Mimosa
5. Chinese Orange Blossom
6. Moroccan Otto of Rose

• Herbs & Spices
1. Siamese Lemongrass
2. Chinese Red Tea
3. Silver Needle White Tea

• Woods
1. East Indian Sandalwood

• Fruits
1. Egyptian Fig
2. White Peel Grapefruit
3. Pomegranate

• Etcetera
1. Tobacco
2. Javanese Vanilla

• Blended Scents
1. Joy
Contains : Peppermint, English Lavender, Geranium.