Original Room Perfume Spray

Original Room Perfume Spray


Original Room Perfume Spray

Net Weight : 100 ml. / 3.38 fl.oz.
Duration : 45 minutes after sprayed.
Price : Single Scents 590 Baht, Blended Scents 620 - 650 Baht

Perfumer Suggestion :
Joy + Javanese Vanilla or Egyptian Fig Peppermint
Joy + Javanese Vanilla on the Chocolate Perfume Sachet.

Our Original Room Perfume Spray is formulated from concentrated aromatic oils of flowers and plants. Spray in any desirable areas such as bathroom, bedroom, and car, or on curtains, carpets and bed sheets to create the pleasant atmosphere and long lasting smell.

1. This Original Room Perfume Spray is convenient to use anywhere and anytime. It offers instant redolence that you can use as much and as often as desired.

2. The room perfume spray is suitable for the closed area e.g. bathroom, bedroom, living room, car, etc. It could last 45 minutes after sprayed.

3. It is not advisable to use this product in the windy area e.g. outdoors, filed, or yard.

4. How often and how much the room perfume spray should be used depends on the size of the area and your preference.

1. The Original Room Perfume Spray is very convenient and safe to use as it doesn’t require heat or flame to diffuse the fragrance.

2. It can be use to freshen up the unpleasant smell e.g. restroom smell, food smell, etc.

3. To prolong the fragrance, try spraying the perfume on a curtain, carpet, bed sheet, or dry bouquet.

4. Keep this product away from children and pets. Avoid heat and sunlight.

5. Do not spray the perfume spray on any materials that could be damaged by aromatic oil e.g. leather, plastic, or rubber.

• Single Scents

• Flowers
1. Sumatra Island Frangipani
2. Northern Indian Jasmine
3. Tasmanian Lavender
4. Night Lotus Flower
5. Mimosa
6. Chinese Orange Blossom
7. Moroccan Otto of Rose

• Herbs & Spices
1. Siamese Lemongrass
2. Peppermint
3. Silver Needle White Tea

• Woods
1. Yellow Amber
2. East Indian Sandalwood

• Fruits
1. Egyptian Fig
2. Ripen Chinese Pear
3. Pomegranate

• Etcetera
1. Hay
2. Tobacco
3. Javanese Vanilla

• Blended Scents / Price

1. Joy / 650 Baht
Contains : Peppermint, English Lavender, Geranium.

2. Fresh Tomato and Holy Basil / 620 Baht
Contains : Fresh Green Tomato, Siamese Holy Basil.

3. Asian Vintage Blossom / 620 Baht
Contains : Chinese Orange Blossom, Indian Jasmine, Damask Rose, Clove Buds , Bergamot Peel, Peppermint.

▸ 4. Emerald Tea Time / 620 Baht
Contains : Tea Leaves, Neroli, Lemon Flower, East Indian Sandalwood.

5. Imperial Garden / 620 Baht
Contains : Bergamot Peel, Japanese Green Tea, Green Apple Tea.

6. Bengal Morning Rain / 620 Baht
Contains : Lemon Flower, Kaffir Lime, Green Lime, Chinese Mandarin.